Genevieve Jacobs

Genevieve Jacobs spent 25 years pounding the floors as a registered nurse, all the while harboring a deep desire to nurse her own creative desires. At last, the opportunity to trade in her nursing attire for an artist’s apron presented itself, and Genevieve jumped! The observational skills and attention to detail she employed for so many years as an R.N. are now reflected in her work; she aptly captures the personalities and essence of her subjects be they birds, animals, architectural structures, flora and fauna, or human faces.

Largely self-taught, Genevieve works in multiple mediums and has developed a particular affinity for collage, having rendered collaged map portraits so sensitive and dimensional that they nearly breathe to life. She also enjoys creating works of a more colorful and whimsical nature in both paint and collage. Her work resides in many private collections as well as the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Art Collection. She shows at various venues on Martha’s Vineyard and teaches Drawing from Nature at Polly Hill Arboretum.

Genevieve lives and works in West Tisbury, Massachusetts, with her husband, dog, 9 sheep and whatever furred and feathered friends are passing through at the moment. Her 3 children and 5 grandchildren live nearby.