Linda Ferrini

“Vineyard Cloths”


Vineyard Cloths

Hand-painted Floorcloths are a wonderful addition to home decor.  Ease of use and wipeability make them a great choice for entertaining.

These cloths have a modern twist on an old fashioned product that was commonly used on the floor to keep the dirt down.

My 100% canvas duct rugs and runners are painted with acrylic paints and have a water based finish.  The poly- acrylic finish coating enhance their visual appeal: it creates a soft and pliable leather-like look and feel.  Over the past 20 years, customers have shared, “Vineyard Cloths work as well on the floor as they do on tables – great on marble counters, dinner and coffee tables.”  You could also hang, serve on them or use as a centerpiece on a picnic or farmers table!

And so easy to use, just keep flat and dry and wipe if soiled. Less is more with well-made Floorcloths!

You can also find her work at:

Oak Bluffs Harbor Festival (June 22nd 10am-8pm)
Chilmark Flea Market (Wednesdays and Saturdays through Sept 7)
Featherstone Flea (Tuesdays through the end of August)