Olivia Bell Mason

“Olivia Bell Textiles”


Olivia Bell Textiles

My work in Textile Design is focused on vibrant color harmonies for Women’s Clothing & Accessories.

In particular, this collection of Scarves and Kimonos is hand-dyed with my own custom-color dye paints.  These dyes infuse rich hues into the premium silks and natural rayons that I love to work with.  In many of my pieces, I also like to incorporate ancient Japanese patterns, using traditional Shibori techniques.  My hand-dyeing process always results in one-of-a-kind surface designs, so that any piece you choose is a unique creation.

In 2013, I received a Certificate of Artisanry in Textile Design from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, upon completion of their 2-year curriculum.

Since then, I have lived full-time here on the Vineyard, where water, weather and the garden offer ever-changing palettes of color, to breathe life into my work. Enjoy!