Peggy Turner Zablotny

The actual…a means to an end.

“Her botanical collages, she calls actuals, are enlarged to create dramatic prints. Once her miniature works are transformed, they take on a whole new life. Many feel like paintings, though they are not paintings at all. With the veins, textures, and colors of a few or a hundred blossoms she “paints” – some works revealing intricate detail, others powerful simplicity.”

Michelle Alten

Run With The Wolfies, a travel and photography blog

Sharing what I see

Combining the age-old art of pressed plants and flowers with ever advancing technology I am able to create timeless original images. I work surrounded by flowers, stems, leaves, seeds, petals, pieces of color, texture and pattern; often studying the details through powerful loupes to magnify and discover the world that can’t be seen with a casual glance.

I create my botanical compositions to inspire people to look beyond the first impressions of the flower to the intricacy, details and the nuances of the petals. I explore color and textural subtleties of plants and by enlarging the image I

can share what I see with others, so they can appreciate the details too.

The actual plant material composition is a means to an end.

I have been creating botanical composition actuals since 1992 with my first signed fine art print in 1994. The experience of working for over twenty three years with my natural pressed materials has made this complex process very intuitive and personally rewarding.