Taylor Stone

“Taylor Stone Illustration”



Taylor Stone Illustration

Taylor is a “cut paper illustrator.”

Meaning?  She hand cuts her dimensional shadowbox pieces one paper piece at a time with a good ole X-acto knife and a string of podcasts.

Growing up on Martha’s Vineyard, and more specifically right by the state forest, it’s not hard to guess where her love of nature began. Never quite growing out of the ideas of faerie magic and enchanted forests hiding right out of sight, you can see nods to this sort of thinking in her art.

After leaving the island briefly to study and graduate with a BA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2013, she returned to Martha’s Vineyard where she currently lives and works in her home-studio. Close enough to the ocean to hear the ferry horn every morning and supported by her handsome (cat) assistant and muse “Vinci.”